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We create playable, narrative lead, interactive immersive experiences, which allows our players to live breathtaking adventures that deliver extraordinary results.

Playable Fiction creates immersive, narrative experiences that deliver more than just entertainment. Built into our interactive experience games are solutions to our clients problems, from supporting soft skills, through student mobility, to teaching specific subjects. We design proven educational solutions with universities worldwide facilitating unique training to design memorable moments that last a lifetime!

Overcoming challenges creates memorable moments. If those moments are infused with learning, soft skill development, or demonstrating mastery of a subject, then knowledge is embedded in the sense of triumph, leading to longer retention.

Engagement with a Lusory Attitude

At the core of our experiences is how our players engage with them.

When you engage with something as a game, you often do so with a different attitude. You expect fun. You understand that failure isn’t the end of something, but a chance to learn and try again. Students understand this and take setbacks in their stride.

“This occurred often after trying and failing with certain solutions to the problems but we were all determined to solve the game”

“As long as the player feels that they are getting somewhere and are curious as to what is next they will not really focus on failures as much.”

High Degree of Agency

Sid Meier, the designer of “Civilization” describes games as being “a series of interesting decisions.” Players make, and test, their decisions and then try again. This makes every success their success, and every failure a chance to try again.

Our interactive experiences and games give students problems and permission to solve them however they see fit. This sense of control over their options gives them a sense of agency. Stronger, more confident students is a natural by-product of our well-designed games.

“It had students who don’t usually speak up to others, or more introverted speak on a topic when they were more knowledgeable than other students.”

“It feels really good when you are able to solve something that you once felt could not be solved easily. Just by having solvable points in the game allows for players to feel empowered.”

Critical Thinking

With decisions comes choice. The ability to make sense of the world is a crucial skill. Trying, and seeing the results of their efforts, reinforced students’ critical thinking skills. Our well designed interactive experiences promote active engagement and the process of conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information gathered during game play support higher level cognitive thinking.

“The game definitely makes you look at a challenge from all angles.”

“Difficult problems require many minds to think together toward a common goal.”

Interpersonal Skill Development

Games should be played with others and our interactive experiences are designed to be played socially. Puzzles are designed to be solved by multiple players, and communication is the key to success. And, again, because of the lusory attitude, the stakes for speaking are lower.

Students quickly learn that the only way to ‘win’ is to work together. Perserverance and curiosity propel students forward as they draw upon and develop leadership and communication skills. Essentials for navigating the ever changing landscape.

“You have to be able to listen to the opinions of others and respectfully give your response, whether you agree with the other person or not. If people get short with each other, they aren’t going to be making good progress in the game.’

“This definitely made people work together in order to gain more information and that yearn for more information made people speak up.”

“Nothing could have been accomplished in a timely fashion if the group did not communicate with each other constantly.”


Students worry about being accepted for who they are and worry about increasing displays of intolerance. One challenge to quell the fear of diversity is to create new opportunities for students to interact with each other. All students enter our interactive experiences as equals! No one student can take control of the game – students find ways to use their uniqued lived experiences and knowledge to solve puzzles, break codes, connect information, etc. Students learn with and from each other – creating shared meaning and creating value of individuals’ participation.

Develop Friendships

According to Best Colleges, “students rely more on friends for emotional support; 65% consider friends part of their support system. And reported, “students who experienced social isolation or loneliness throughout the year were 15% more likely to consider friends a part of their support system.”

Our games are designed to promote the building of friendships through our engagement ingredients. Our use of mixed-media, game design elements naturally tap into curiosity – a driver of engagement. Our interactive experiences enact a lusory attitude (fun, failure, challenge, persistence) which supports risk-taking in a low-stakes experience as students spend time together and develop authentic friendships as they work to ‘save their future.’

How Can We Apply These Elements to Help You?

Orientation. Add a new element to enhance your orientation programming.

Entrepreneurial Education. We excel in designing immersive experiences that promote the enactment of the ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ and the 3 C’s of Curiosity, Connections, and Creating Value (KEEN).

Events. Use our interactive experience games to build memorable events.

University Programming. Integrate an immersive experience that aligns and complements programing goals.

Alumni. We know the importance of seniors making a strong connection with Alumni as they leave your university. We deliver a memorable interactive experience that makes your outreach memorable.

Recruiting Efforts. A novel way to motivate students to actually tour your campus!

Assignments. We can deliver tiny games that empower students to design their own assignments in engaging ways.

Courses. We can design interactive experience games that are built around content and deliver on learning outcomes.

Semester/Year Long. We build upon the course model and extend it to support a semester/year of education, drawing on skills, knowledge, and competences that students gain over a period of time.

Game Design Camps. Host us and immerse your participants into our engaging game design model that delivers on results.

Glad to Meet You

Mary Kayler, Ph.D. CEO and Founder

As an award winning educator and facilitator she understands how to transform peoples’ lives. Mary is affectionately called ‘fire starter’ as is considered a visionary; her Dept of expertise and creativity inspires educators to take an innovative approach in addressing engagement challenges for meaningful learning.

Adam Mayes, Creative Game Designer

With 30 years of experience in the field, within the game industry, and working in university game design schools; he seamlessly works across many fields and disciplines. Adam is a leading expert in using games as an innovative technology for finding solutions to pressing problems. Adam is recognized as the ‘go to’ ‘visionary’ ‘mentor’ and transforms students’ lives.