About Us

About Us

Immersive Experiences. Extraordinary Results

Meet the Experts

Mary Kayler, Ph.D. CEO and Founder

As an award-winning educator and facilitator, she understands how to transform people’s lives. Mary is affectionately called ‘fire starter’ and is a visionary; her depth of expertise and creativity inspires educators and industry leaders to take an innovative approach to address engagement challenges, soft skills development, collaboration and teamwork, to enhance and support a supportive culture that promotes longlasting learning and development.

Adam Mayes

With 30 years of experience in the field, within the game industry, and working in university game design schools, he seamlessly works across many fields and disciplines. Adam is a leading expert in using games as an innovative technology for finding solutions to pressing problems. Adam is recognized as the ‘go-to’ ‘visionary’ ‘mentor’ and transforms students’ lives.

Our experts have made games for:
● university campus-based interactive games,
● remote players on a social network,
● on the streets of Copenhagen,
● questing + game design courses and intensive design camps,
● a 5 day rock festival, and
● a mini-experience for a group of conference attendees as part of a presentation.

About Us

We are Playable Fiction – A Leader for Future Forward Solutions

We create playable, narrative driven, interactive immersive experience games which allow our players to live breathtaking adventures that deliver extraordinary results. Playable Fiction creates immersive, narrative experiences that deliver more than just entertainment. Built into our interactive experience games are solutions to our customer’s problems, from supporting soft skills, through student mobility, to teaching specific subjects. We design proven educational solutions with universities worldwide, facilitating unique training to design memorable moments that last a lifetime! Overcoming challenges creates memorable moments. If those moments are infused with learning, soft skill development, or mastery of a subject, then knowledge is embedded in the sense of triumph, leading to longer retention.

Our Vission

We change people’s lives using creative approaches to develop knowledge and soft
skills, teamwork, and confidence to see their potential and create a meaningful life.

Our Mission

We design inclusive creative solutions to promote team-building while developing
essential soft skills. We create social connections that empower people through unique
training designed to create memorable moments that last a lifetime.

Join us

Enable learning and change through tailored immersive games to meet your goals and
create desired results.