Curriculum Development and Enacting Mindsets

Curriculum and Growth Mindsets

Entrepreneurial Education

Playable Fiction embodies the entrepreneurial spirit!

We excel in designing immersive experiences that promote the enactment of the
‘entrepreneurial mindset’ and the 3 C’s of Curiosity, Connections, and Creating Value (KEEN). Ready to engage and promote entrepreneurial education at your location?

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University Programming.

We can help you Integrate an immersive experience that aligns and complements
programming goals with the whole campus, First-year experience, Transfer students, or the creation of a distinctive special capstone event. We are experts to collaboratively.

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Semester/Year Long.

We will build upon the course model and extend it to support a semester/year of education, drawing on skills, knowledge, and competencies students gain over your determined time frame.


We design interactive experience games that are built around content and deliver on learning outcomes.


We can deliver tiny interactive games that empower students to design their assignments in engaging ways.