Entrepreneurial Mindset

Why Care + Why Now?

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Goes Beyond Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship isn’t the only aspect of life that can benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurs learning from failure, thinking creatively, and identifying opportunities can foster success in all aspects of their life, even if one does not plan to start a business.

An entrepreneurial mindset can help you in a variety of fields. Enacting an entrepreneurial mindset supports adapting to the rapid changes in today’s job market. Seeking a well-lived life and embracing an entrepreneurial mindset is a crucial part of never stop learning and may determine success or failure within a business or life.

Enacting an entrepreneurial mindset supports adapting to the rapid changes in today’s job market.

Challenge Questions:

1. In what ways, if any, is it important for students to engage with pedagogy that teaches lifelong learning skills and instills a sense of agency in the entrepreneurial mindset?

2. In what ways, if any, does programming allow students an opportunity to experience and engage in an entrepreneurial mindset beyond formal programming efforts?

3. What efforts are currently underway to help students make connections to the entrepreneurial mindset characteristics they already possess and connect to their vision of a well-lived life?

Our immersive games naturally tap into students’ curiosity and promote engagement.

Inspire Entrepreneurial Thinking

Help all students recognize entrepreneurial characteristics they already have, The entrepreneurial mindset is transferable.

Create low-stakes, high-engagement entry points to practical, acquire, enhance and learn entrepreneurial mindset characteristics.

Implement our method; inclusive, students develop agency, gain confidence, make new friendships and have fun while living within a complex world.

Ignite Students’ Entrepreneurial Passion!

COVID-19 has changed the global economy in ways that have increased entrepreneurship. Due to career uncertainty, the fragility of mainstream careers, and the growth of online businesses, there has been a considerable increase in entrepreneurship education (higher and secondary). Entrepreneurial activity in the US reached over 17 percent in 2019 – a 10 percent increase from 2018 and the highest level in 21 years, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report (Babson College).

Students are taught entrepreneurial attitudes and skills through pedagogical methods and curriculums in the entrepreneurial education field. Oftentimes, within a siloed isolated model experience. For students interested in entrepreneurship, taking courses and programs and entering competitions is a natural attraction.

There is a need to rethink specific pedagogical approaches (that may not resonate with some students). Education and entrepreneurial centers seek new ways to raise awareness and reposition the entrepreneurial mindset. Sometimes, students don’t view themselves as Entrepreneurial.

We’re entrepreneurs who want to help spread awareness of the numerous benefits of being entrepreneurial via a thoughtfully designed experience that will be memorable! By supporting student development for a fulfilling life, we contribute to a campus ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurship.

Enhance Lives and Help Change The Landscape of Entrepreneurial Education

Our immersive, fully customized games provide a low-stakes entry point. A highly engaging campus-based experience positions players to enact an entrepreneurial mindset opens up potential entry points, and offers students the chance to learn about entrepreneurship and the campus entrepreneurial ecosystem. Students realize and connect to the entrepreneurial mindset characteristics they possess! And gain awareness of how the entrepreneurial mindset is vital in helping them develop valuable, transferable, and durable soft skills in entrepreneurship or life.

Essential Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Mindset

Positive Mental Attitude
Persuasive Communication Ability
Intrinsic Motivation and Drive
Making Connections

Tenacity and an Ability to Learn From Failure
One can easily understand how these essential characteristics are necessary life capacities, whether in business or creating a well-lived life. And the great news is that these characteristics can all be nurtured and learned.

As educators, we understand these pedagogical principles. As designers, we know how to build these into engaging experiences.

Create Interest and Value in the Entrepreneurial Mindset

We’re entrepreneurs and want to help spread the word about the numerous benefits of possessing an entrepreneurial mindset through a thoughtfully designed experience that will be unforgettable! We contribute to the ecosystem of an entrepreneurial campus and support student development for a life well lived.

Alternate Reality Games (Args) Can Bridge Theory, Skills, and Experiential Learning

As game designers, we thoughtfully design and intertwine entrepreneurial pedagogical elements to create unforgettable learning experiences. Our immersive games naturally tap into students’ curiosity and promote engagement. We transform learning into an active play space to encourage using the 3Cs Curiosity, Connections, and Creating Value (3CS, Keen) as players attempt to “save our future!”

Results suggest that ARGs can encourage curiosity, promote a high degree of agency (4.4), and critical thinking (4.7), and develop essential life skills in connecting and integrating data into disparate sources.