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“I never expected to ‘play the campus’ – what an amazing experience, it was SO MUCH
FUN and I made new friends.” ~ University Student
We understand the significant role you play in planning and executing a successful
Orientation. We believe in creating meaningful moments that are remembered long after the interactive game experience is played!

We understand that this is an IMPORTANT DECISION. Our goal is to bring a UNIQUE
EXPERIENCE to your students. We want their formative experience at your university to
be filled with joy and excitement! Add a new element to enhance your orientation
programming while developing new friendships, skills, and fun!

We are experienced in making immersive games. Collectively we have made games for
students on campuses in Virginia,Washington, and Florida. We are skilled at making players feel seen, and appreciated. We create engaging narratives with room for players to change it up through their actions.

We can create a defining Orientation event. With a proven model (flexible yet structured). Created by an experienced design team. We build dynamic, interactive fun with a purpose. And we create something of VALUE. Both to us, and the students: an entertaining ‘bonding experience,’ a sense of accomplishment, the joy of figuring out something that wasn’t required, a chance to meet new people, and cooperate in beating the game —- not each other. Join us in our mission to change the lives of 75,000 students by helping them develop soft skills, make social connections, and become more confident through unique interactive orientation experiences by 2025.

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