How It Works

How It Works

What can you expect when you hire Playable Fiction?

Peace of mind knowing that we design and deliver a high-quality customized interactive experience that participants will remember in the years to come!

Imagine how Playable Fiction’s defining experience will skyrocket your reputation, build morale, and create an inclusive environment.

Our Process:

To arrive at the best interactive experience game to meet your goals, we use a human-centered design process:

1) An initial meeting with your designated contact or team. Before we work, we need to understand what you need before we start work. In this meeting, we listen to your goals, needs, and concerns and discuss possibilities of play.
2) Second meeting – we share the vision/details of the choices of interactive experience games, allowing you to give us feedback, make a choice, and request revisions or additional content.
3) We finalize the game and take care of the rest!


● Level One – Virtual/Hybrid Campus Interactive Event $10,000
● Level Two – Fully Immersive Campus Interactive Event $40,000
● Higher Education Add-Ons:

Include a five-person student team to help facilitate and contribute to the interactive experience.

Send us your game experience data. We will create a final report on impact beyond student satisfaction.

Professional video documentary of the student experience. Free to use in ways that support your work, social media, and recruiting efforts.

TBD. Work alongside and co-create a context for students to work alongside Playable Fiction in a game design project.

Our Academics

How It Works

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