Playable Fiction’s Orientation Experience

We know universities and colleges are looking beyond traditional orientation events to more holistically engage students while creating a more inclusive community during your
orientation experience. For Orientation, we deliver a customized 1-3 day experience for your students while also providing:


An Active Approach

Start your students off right! Rather than passively experiencing orientation through eventsplanned for them, tours of things they might need to see, students use the campus, and its services to achieve their goals.


A Collaborative Approach

The experience is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, and one that is best solved with others. Puzzles are designed to let everyone shine, The game even allows for
spectators, allowing reticent players to jump in, and out, when they feel they can contribute.


A Social Experience

People who play together, stay together. Working on challenges and sharing victories forms strong bonds between players, and allows for the formation of more natural friendships.Here players are social because they want to be, not because they are sorted into a group.


A Sense of Agency and Accomplishment

Games are for winning and no one makes a game that can’t be beaten. Every success every goal met; every location visited is because of a student’s plan. Every moment of the
game is tied to a memory of being capable.


Agency. Social Skills and a Friend Group. Collaboration. An
Active Understanding of the Campus

And an engaging, entertaining time!

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