Strengthen Entrepreneurship and Develop Capacities

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Challenge Questions:

Beyond the structured events and opportunities currently provided:

1) In what ways, if any, does your Chapter build community, create opportunities for friendships, and promote confidence and agency?

2) In what ways, if any, does your Chapter invite students into the entrepreneurial mindset?

We understand CEO’s Chapter leadership responsibilities and mission to inform, support, and inspire students to be more entrepreneurial. Playable Fiction values and encourages engagement as chapter members are invited to participate in authentic and fun leadership opportunities and project management – essentials of enacting an entrepreneurial mindset.

Create Interest and Value in the Entrepreneurial Mindset

We’re entrepreneurs and want to help spread the word about the numerous benefits of possessing an entrepreneurial mindset through a thoughtfully designed experience that will be unforgettable! We contribute to the ecosystem of an entrepreneurial campus and support student development for a life well lived.

Committed to work ⸻

Enhance Lives and Help Change The Landscape of Entrepreneurial Education

Our immersive, fully customized games provide a low-stakes entry point. A highly engaging campus-based experience positions players to enact an entrepreneurial mindset opens up potential entry points and offers students the chance to learn about entrepreneurship and the campus entrepreneurial ecosystem. Students realize and connect to the entrepreneurial mindset characteristics they possess! And gain awareness of how the entrepreneurial mindset is vital in helping them develop valuable, transferable, and durable soft skills in entrepreneurship or life.