The Scavenged Universe

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What is The Scavenged Universe?

The Scavenged is the umbrella setting for our games. A central concept is a mysterious group operating outside of space/time. They identify apocalyptic timelines and try to save them by contacting the ancestors of known survivors – our players – and set them to work discovering the cause of the apocalypse (catastrophe) and trying to stop it. This setting allows us to create stories across many genres, and we have built spy, existential horror, and sci-fi drama games already.

These Alternative Reality Games (ARGs) are designed to engage your students in a compelling mystery that needs to be solved. Students enact an entrepreneurial mindset by encouraging the use of the 3 C’s: Curiosity, Connections, and Creating Value (KEEN) as they attempt to “save our future.” The Scavenged is one solution to create interest and engage potential students in exploring entrepreneurship and the campus ecosystem.

What are ARGs? Alternative reality games ask players to pretend they’re living in a carefully constructed parallel universe that can include fake websites, burner phones, and tangible objects hidden throughout the campus. Students work together as they solve numerous puzzles, locate hidden items, search the Web, and sometimes pour water onto sidewalks to find hidden messages.

We offer students a stimulating, customized, fun-filled campus event, provide numerous opportunities for creativity and problem-solving, enhance teamwork and communication, and bring about a never-say-die attitude (persistence, failure, challenge, and fun) – after all, they are trying to “save our future!”

Committed to work ⸻

We’re Different!

As educators, we understand these pedagogical principles. As designers, we know how to build these into engaging experiences.

Grab potential student interest! Rather than passively hearing about entrepreneurial opportunities planned for them, engage them in a “save our future” alternative reality game where skills, friendships, and entrepreneurial mindset flourish through curiosity, challenges, and fun!

Winning the game requires a collaborative approach. Students play against the game, not each other. By joining forces with others, it is possible to solve a riddle inside a mystery inside an enigma. Everyone can shine when they solve puzzles. The game even allows spectators, allowing reticent players to jump in and out when they feel they can contribute.

People who play together stay together. Working on challenges and sharing victories forms strong bonds between players and allows for forming more natural friendships. Here players are social because they want to be, not because they are sorted into a group or placed in the same classroom.

Games are for winning, and no one makes a game that can’t be beaten. Every success, every goal met, and every location visited is because of a student’s plan. Every moment of the game is tied to a memory of being capable!