The Scavenged Universe

What is The Scavenged?

The Scavenged is the umbrella setting for our interactive experience games. The central concept is a mysterious group operating outside of space/time. They identify apocalyptic timelines and try to save them by contacting the ancestors of known survivors – our players– and set them to work discovering the cause of the apocalypse, and trying to stop it. This setting allows us to create stories across many genres, and we have spy, existential horror, and sci-fi drama games already. These experiences are known as Alternative Reality Games. We create a reality very close to our own, with one narrative twist (You’re trying to save the world!). Games are then played in the real world using fake websites, emails and text messages, as well as real items – like burner phones, usb sticks, locked boxes, etc. hidden in the world. We guarantee your students will be entertained, energized, challenged, and empowered!


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Why let Playable Fiction loose in your carefully planned Orientation?

We understand the significant role you play in planning and executing a successful Orientation. We believe in creating meaningful moments that are remembered long after the
interactive game experience is played! We are experienced in making games like these. Individually, our team has made games for remote players on a social network, on the streets of Copenhagen, questing + game design courses and camps, and a 5 day rock festival. Collectively we have made games for students on campuses in Virginia,Washington, and Florida, and even a mini-experience for a group of conference attendees as part of a presentation. We are skilled at making players feel seen, and appreciated. We create engaging narratives with room for players to change it up through theiractions. We can create a defining Orientation event. With a proven model (flexible yet structured). Created by an experienced design team. We build dynamic, interactive fun with a purpose.And we create something of VALUE. Both to us, and the students: an
entertaining ‘bonding experience,’ a sense of accomplishment, the joy of figuring out something that wasn’t required, a chance to meet new people, and cooperate inbeating the game —- not each other. Join us in our mission to change the lives of 75,000 students by helping them develop soft skills, make social connections, and become more confident through unique interactive orientation experiences by 2025.

What can you expect when you hire Playable Fiction?

Peace of mind knowing that we design and deliver a high-quality customized 1-3 interactive experience that students will talk about in the years to come! Imagine how this defining experience will skyrocket your reputation. Choosing an event for orientation is an IMPORTANT DECISION. Our goal is to bring a UNIQUE
EXPERIENCE to your students. We want their formative experience of your university to be filled with joy and excitement!
To arrive at the best interactive experience game for your campus, we use a human centered design process: Initial meeting with your designated contact or team. Before we work, we need to understand what you need before we start work. In this meeting we listen to your goals, needs and concerns and discuss possibilities of play.
Second meeting – we share the vision/details of the choices of interactive experience games, allowing you to give us feedback, make a choice, and request revisions or additional content. We finalize the game and take care of the rest! We highly encourage your orientation team to join the game and get to know and play with your students in a different

  • Level One – Virtual/Hybrid Campus Interactive Event $15,000
  • Level Two – Fully Immersive Campus Interactive Event $45,000
  • Add-Ons: $5,000


Student Involvement Team.

Include a 5 person student team to help facilitate and contribute to the interactive experience.

Polished Final Report. 

Send us your data and we will create your final report of impact that goes beyond student satisfaction.

Media Package

Professional video documentary of the student experience. Free touse in ways that support your work, social media, and recruiting efforts.

Experiential Learning Component 

TBD.Work alongside and co-create a context for students to work alongside Playable Fiction in a game design project.

Why Playable Fiction is the Ideal Choice for Your

We Understand Orientation Challenges

Orientation is stuck in a rut? Students enter their orientation experience expecting traditional events and social experiences. We know that changing this can be incredibly exciting for your students.Engage those hard to reach students, with an enticing storyline and a compelling puzzle to solve. Data: We can provide you with engagement reports of the impact the event had on your student body.After years of lockdowns, everyone is on the lookout for new ways or events to connectagain.

Take Action: We Are Ready to Help!

Connect To learn more about our customized approach and create an opportunity to ask your questions and share your goals and challenges in a no-pressure environment. We thrive in designing creative solutions – come join us as we create immersive experiences with extraordinary results