What Can You Expect When You Hire Playable Fiction?

The easiest way to get a custom suit.

Peace of mind knowing that we design and deliver a high-quality customized interactive campus-based experience that participants will remember in the years to come!

To arrive at the best interactive experience game to meet your goals, we use a human-centered design process.


Level One: Virtual/Hybrid/Campus Interactive Event – $10,000. We run the game and provide a one-page summary overview of participation and impact.

Level Two: Fully Immersive Campus Interactive Event TBD

Bring Playable Fiction to your campus, and we will DONATE $500.00 to support your campus entrepreneurial efforts.

Choice Add-Ons:

Polished Data-Rich Final Report ($2,000). When you send us your game experience data (data collection instruments provided), we create a final report on student impact beyond student satisfaction.

Media Package ($3,000). Looking to promote your entrepreneurial efforts? Professional video documentary of the student experience. Free to use in ways that support your work, social media, and recruiting efforts.

Experiential Project-based Learning Component. TBD Work alongside and co-create a context for students to work alongside Playable Fiction in a game design project.